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The European Border and Coast Guard Agency Frontex uses spy planes to watch illegal migration on the EU borders.

20. Dezember 2018 / 13:27 Uhr

EU Agency Frontex Films successful Migrant Arrests Using Spy Plane

An EU border agency plane has captured on camera an operation to follow and detain 20 illegal immigrants first seen piling into a van on the Croatian
border with Bosnia and Herzegovina

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency, also known as Frontex,
cooperated with Croatian cops to stop the van, arrest two suspected
traffickers and detain the migrants pending an investigation.

The entire incident was filmed by Frontex agents flying above the
south-western Croatian region of Lika, close to the border with Bosnia and

In the footage, a man is seen standing behind a transit van parked up on the
side of a road looking „anxious“.

Suddenly, 20 people approach the man from the nearby woods and pile into the transit van.

The Frontex plane follows the vehicle into a petrol station before it
continues along the motorway at speed.

Croatian police then arrive and stop the transit van, arresting two men and
taking the 20 migrants to the police station.

According to local media, the group has since been sent back to Bosnia and

The investigation is ongoing.

To monitor the EU s external borders, Frontex uses planes which stream live
footage to their headquarters in the Polish capital Warsaw.

There, a team of experts analyses it and informs national authorities about
any suspicious activities taking place at the border.

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