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On the state court of Vienna the 16yo migrant was sentenced to 13 years of prison for killing a 7yo girl.

21. Dezember 2018 / 16:07 Uhr

Migrant, 16, That Slit Girls Throat On Mums Day Jailed For 13 Years

A knife-wielding teenage immigrant who slit the throat of a seven-year-old
girl in the shower on Mother s Day then dumped her body in the bin because
he „felt like killing“ has been jailed for 13 years. After this he ist admitted to a prison for abnormal lawbreakers.

The little girl had earlier written a card to her mum for Mother s Day in
which she wrote „Dear mum, I love you with all my heart“. Hours later, the
teenage migrant only identified as 16-year-old Robert K. from the Russian
republic of Chechnya had killed her.

He has now been sentenced to 13 years in prison on murder charges by a court in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

In addition to his prison sentence, Robert K. will be admitted into an
institution for mentally disturbed lawbreakers.

The court found it proven that Robert K. killed his seven-year-old neighbour
girl only identified by her first name of Hadishat at a council housing

In a 7-1 vote, most of the jurors followed the opinion of court psychiatrist
Peter Hofmann, who deemed Robert K. as fully accountable for the horrific

He said that even though Robert K. was found to suffer from „dangerous, if
not highly dangerous“ schizophrenia, he was fully aware what he was doing
when he killed Hadishat.

According to presiding judge Daniel Rechenmacher, the helplessness of the
victim and the „cruelty of the act“ were aggravating factors in the
sentencing, while Robert K. s so-far spotless criminal record and his
confession were mitigating factors.

Hadishat was playing in the playground outside the council housing where she
lived in Vienna when Robert K. lured her into his flat.

She had earlier written a card to her mum for Mother s Day in which she
wrote „Dear mum, I love you with all my heart“.

Police later found her body dumped in a rubbish bin wrapped in plastic bags.
A sniffer dog then followed the trail of blood to the flat where she had
been killed.

Robert K. was described as a good student who attends an elite middle school and had integrated well into Austrian society. There were also no signs of aggression whatsoever prior to child s death.

During his confession to the cops, Robert K. described how he had given the
little girl an ice cream before reportedly grabbing a kitchen knife and
taking her to the shower where he almost severed her head.

Police Colonel Gerhard Haimeder said: „He directed her to go into the
bathroom. The suspect pushed her in the shower tray and committed the act

He added that the autopsy revealed the violence of the attack by saying „the
head was almost entirely severed“.

Robert K. told the police investigators he had been in a „bad mood“ all

He said: „I wanted to kill someone, she was available. She was in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

„I went to the bathroom with Hadishat because I knew that lots of blood
would flow. She turned her back and I pushed her in the shower cabin.“

He added: „I held her head and stabbed. When she screamed, I began making
serrated motions with the knife. I wanted her to stop screaming.“

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